Dear customers, you can pay for a purchase on the site in several ways:


• Cash payment

Payment in cash in the store upon pickup or to the courier upon delivery of the goods.


• Payment by card through the terminal

Cashless payment through the terminal (upon delivery, it is brought by the courier to the address along with the goods).


• Payment by card online

Payment is made using the CVC code, which is indicated on the back of the card. If there is no code, contact the support service or the bank that services this card for help. Also, make sure that there is a connected SMS notification service.

Note: When choosing online payment, you specify information about your payment instrument in a special secure payment form on the bank's page. The bank checks the generated request for compliance with the established requirements and sends this request for authorization. After the authorization of the payment is confirmed, you are returned to our website to the order confirmation page


• Cashless payment - bank transfer

Available for legal entities and enterprises with a current account in banks of Turkmenistan.