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• Your wishes are our job

This is the motto of our store. Ak Yol Computers is a specialized store selling computer, digital, household appliances and peripheral equipment. The assortment includes not only new items, but also proven, proven models.

• The main task is to be the best conductor of goods from the manufacturer to the buyer

We sell goods at a fair price and provide a guarantee, as we believe that online shopping should be as convenient and safe as possible. We believe that things exist to make life easier and as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the search for that very thing should be quick, convenient and enjoyable. You will find the right option for any needs and budget

• Further more

Our consultants sleep and see how they help this or that buyer find the desired product. Every day we try to improve our service, replenish the range of goods and our knowledge, in order to competently and quickly answer your questions at the right time.


There is also a service center Ak Yol Computers for the repair and maintenance of equipment.

If you are interested in a quality product and reliable service at your enterprise, then our store will gladly provide you with its services.


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