Additional services

Smile - 1 pc, 

Our sincere kindness - free, 

Tea/Coffee (let's dance) - for «thank», 

Charge the phone - free, 

Sleep on the couch - priceless, 

Watch for the master - free, but boring, 

Stand back - useless, 

Conversation with master:

                   «about life» - you need it?, 

           «about personal» - give up the bad job, 

                «about Dota» - not lower than 2k MMD, 

Give advice to the master - free, 

Help master - can cost much, 

Did it yourself - life threatening, 

Get a discount 10 manat - 15 manat, 

To treat the master - only coffee, 

Take selfie with the master - 2 to 6 MB of your memory


Ak Yol Computes - more than just a computer service