- Why did the site first have one price, and then it changed?

Prices for goods can change in accordance with the purchase prices, as well as within the framework of promotions and special offers. The price that is indicated on the site at the moment is relevant


- Why can't you buy a product that was previously available for purchase?

The product can be bought subject to its availability, if the product is currently out of stock - you cannot buy it


- Why can't I find a product using the search bar?

Check the correctness of filling in the search bar. Try to search again by entering only part of the name. If these methods do not work, contact the support service - consultants will help you find the right product


- How to order a missing product on the site?

Go to the main page of the site, on the left in the menu section, go to the "Order product" tab, enter the data, name and model of the desired product. If you need a specific product, provide a link

- Is my card data saved after payment for the goods?

Not! All card data (number, code, password) are not saved on the site - when paying by card, you automatically go to the bank page and pay through the bank


- Why do the same products cost differently in the store and on the website?

The operating system of the actual store and the site is different from each other, so the prices of goods are different 


- Is there a service on the site?

All goods purchased on the site have a corresponding guarantee and are subject to service at the service center "Ak Yol Computers"


- How do you know the state of a sample from the display case?

This information can be clarified directly in the store. Our employees will always help you find the right product and advise on issues of interest