The main criterion for evaluating the work of Ak Yol Computers is customer gratitude. We use all the experience gained since the foundation of our company to improve the quality of services for the sale, repair and maintenance of IT equipment. Ak Yol Computers service center provides services for maintenance, diagnostics and repair of most types of IT equipment.


The list of services we provide includes:

● Maintenance, repair, firmware, software installation and updating of the operating system of computer equipment and mobile devices;

● Diagnostics of malfunctions, repair and maintenance of PCs and laptops;

● Prevention, repair and maintenance of printing equipment of various types;

● Installation, repair and maintenance of video surveillance systems;

● And many other services related to IT equipment.

* In cases of need for repair using spare parts that are not available, an individual order for the part necessary for repair is carried out.

You can pay for the service in several ways:

● Cash payment;

● Cashless payments.

* In case of non-cash payment, payment is made upon the fact of the work performed.

You can also sign an agreement with us for the provision of services on an ongoing basis, payment under the agreement is made at the end of the time period specified in the agreement.

Ak Yol Computers service center technicians quickly eliminate problems with IT equipment. After the repair of the equipment, repeated diagnostics are carried out to make sure the quality of the repair work carried out. After the masters have made sure that the device is ready for use, they give you fully functional equipment.